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Configuring the BridgeGate FTP Server

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The default configuration installs the FTP server to use port 21. There are two configuration files that can be modified to customize this configuration.

The following entry in the bridgegate.xml file, found in the \bridgegate\conf folder, is an example of a default installation setting:

  • FTP_HOST should always be “localhost”.
  • SERVER_PORT is the port to which the FTP client will connect to the server, by default 21.
  • USER_ROOT is the directory path to the root of your BridgeGate FTP Server user directory, recommended setting is “C:/bridgegate/FTPServer/accounts”
  • WEBCONTAINER_URL is the URL to connect to the BridgeGate Portal.

There are two other settings that can be added to accommodate a Proxy configuration so that the request can be handed off from an externally exposed server in a DMZ to an internal LAN server.

  • PROXY_FTP_HOST is the IP Address or the Hostname of the Proxy FTP Server
  • PROXY_SERVER_PORT is the port number for the Proxy FTP Server, by default 21.


The following entry in the prefs.xml file, found in the \bridgegate\bin folder, is an example of default installation setting.


The settings in this XML are used to set the LISTENER port and to specify the use of secured connectivity.

Use Case

The below diagram shows an example of how this is connected and what the respective settings should be in the appropriate XML files.


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