sFTP client users home directory

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As of BridgeGate Version 10.0.6 The sftp client can no longer executie cd /home   The user must include the username cd /home/username  or execute just  cd

The cd command with nothing after it will take the user to the users home directory.

The BridgeGate sFTP server can also be configured to remove or change the default virtual home directory.  Configuring the bridgegate.xml with the VFS_HOME attributes .  If left blank it will default to  VFS_HOME=”/home/${username}” To remove the /home prefix set the VSF_HOME element in the BridgeGate.xml section: <FTP_SSH_CONFIG   VFS_HOME=”/”

Additional configuration options can be found at https://www.bridgegatedev.com/doc/bridgegate-platform/#1005


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