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Can BridgeGate Validate a C-CDA

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BridgegGate has a C-CDA R2.1 Validation Plugin that can be download and installed.  The Plug provides the ability to specify a file location/file name for the plugin to read a C-CDA file and ensure it confirms to the C-CDA R2.1 SVAP 2022 standard.  This plugin must be downloaded and installed manually.

Download Plugin:

The file contains 2 items.  1. bg_plugins_ccda_validator.jar  2. ccda-validator folder

Once the file as been downloaded save the 2 items in the following locations:


Step 1 – Close the Workbench then go to the Workbench folder ie; C:\BridgeGateWorkbench and create an ext folder.  Then put a copy of the downloaded ccda-validator folder inside the ext folder.

Step 2 – Put a copy of the downloaded bg_plugins_ccda_validator.jar file to C:\BridgeGateWorkbench\lib

Step 3 – Launch Workbench and verify the CCDAValidatorPlugin is in the Java Plugin Class drop down box.


Step 1 – Put a copy of both downloaded items inside the ext folder.  If an ext folder does not exist, then create one.  /bridgegate/ext..

Step 2 –  If on Linux make sure the ext folder has appropriate bgate permissions  and chown -R bgate:bgate /bridgegate/ext/*

Step 3 – Restart the BridgeGate Service

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