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tutorialsBridgeGate Tutorials

Introduction to BridgeGate

This tutorial gives a quick overview of the basic functionality of the BridgeGate product.
(Tutorial 1)

Data Types

XML/Delimited/Fixed Length Introduction to some common data types.
(Tutorial 2)

EDI Using the EDI Repository to create 4010 EDI templates EDI Validation.
(Tutorial 9)

Data Manipulation / Validation

variable Outbound Template features1 Using Variable, Sequence, Conditional Field List and Plug-in to manipulate data using BridgeGate.
(Tutorial 3)

properties Outbound Template features 2 Using Advanced Field Properties,Global Field Types, and Global Substitutions
(Tutorial 4)

variable collection Outbound Template VariableCollection Using a collection of Variables to aggregate, perform on,and selectively write.
(Tutorial 11)

validation Data Validation Using Data Validation in BridgeGate to accomplish your data validation requirements
(Tutorial 5)

Encryption and Security

ssl SSL
Importing Root Certificates into BridgeGate .

Connection Types

services HTTP Using BridgeGate to send and receive data, and receiving synchronous responses in HTTP.
(Tutorial 6)

services Web Services Using BridgeGate to send and receive data, and receiving synchronous responses using Web Services.
(Tutorial 7)

database Databases A demonstration of accessing databases using BridgeGate.
(Tutorial 8)

services BridgeGateHTTP Using BridgeGateHTTP Services to listen for incoming HTTP requests.
(Tutorial 12)


dashboard Data-Driven Dashboards Using the new Data Depot feature to intelligently store data you want to graphically chart using built-in BridgeGate Dashboards.
(Tutorial 10)

dashboard Business Activity Monitoring BAM.
(Tutorial BAM)

services Creating HTML Reports by dynamically generating HTML and by using microservice
(Tutorial 13)

services OAuth2 access using BridgeGate workflows as client and server
(Tutorial OAUTH2)

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