Why are the screens are often very small and truncating the text/buttons on the Workbench using Windows 10?

If the Scaling of text and other items is too high(see image below) it will cause the Workbench to display labels incorrectly.  To fix this go to the following in Windows 10 and change the value to 100%:

Display Settings/Advanced Display Settings/Advanced sizing of text and other items/select a custom scaling level/Custom sizing options screen default it should be 100%, if it is something greater like 200% it will display incorrectly.

What are the password requirements for users

The BridgeGate users passwords have a minimum eight chars long with upper and lower case letters, numbers.    The user passwords are the same for portal, FTP, SSH, SFTP and all other related BridgeGate services the user has permissions to access.
Note: This can be replaced with using LDAP or other authentication systems.

How does using Wild Cards in File Name Masks on a Get Data affect Workflow Processing?

If you use a Wild Card pattern in the File Name Mask field for File or FTP Get Data types, a transaction/workflow will be instantiated for every file meeting the wild card pattern.  For example, if you use FTM*.txt in the File Name Mask and the following files exist (FTM01.txt, FTM02.txt, FTM03.txt), three transactions/workflows will be generated.  This happens regardless of where the Get Data is located in the workflow.

When I log into the Workbench, why are all of the Menu options under the Repository Menu disabled?

The menu options are disabled on the BridgeGate Workbench for one of two reasons:

  1. BridgeGate Client users have the ability to work in ‘Off Line Mode’.  If the user logs into the Client in ‘Off Line Mode’ then the Menu options will be disabled because the BridgeGate Client uses MySQL on the BridgeGate Server to read and update the Account Data, Predefined Connection Data, and Trading Partner Data.
  2. If an Account exists on the Client but does not exist on the Server, the Menu options will be disabled.  This can occur if a user adds an account in Explorer rather than creating an account via the Portal.  All new Accounts should be created via the BridgeGate Portal.