How do I configure a BridgeGate Cluster to use the Hazelcast TCP option?

Using Hazelcast.xml for TCP-IP configuration: Set the CONFIG_FILE attribute value to the hazelcast.xml file.

The BridgeGate cluster is configured through the BRIDGEGATE_CLUSTER tag in the bridgegate.xml file.

CONFIG_FILE This attribute is not included by default and is not necessary. Hazelcast will use multicast by default. If TCP-IP needs to be enabled or additional configuration needs to be made ( like giving specific ip-addresses for different nodes ), this setting could be used. The value of this attribute should be the file path to hazelcast.xml .
Example <BRIDGEGATE_CLUSTER BIND=”172.31.*.*” CONFIG_FILE=”/bridgegate/conf/hazelcast.xml” …. /> The sample hazelcast.xml file is below

                <hazelcast xsi:schemaLocation=" hazelcast-config-3.6.xsd"
                        <port auto-increment="true">5701</port>
                            <multicast enabled="false"></multicast>
                            <tcp-ip enabled="true">


Multicast configuration for clustering auto-discovery is defined as:

                <multicast enabled="true">

To Turn on logging for BridgeGate clustering, this can be done from the Server Management Page and Server Log Tab inside it, from the BridgeGate portal.

Alternately, edit the file conf/log4j.xml file in the BridgeGate Home. Locate the element category with attribute name com.hazelcast. The priority value can be changed from OFF to INFO or DEBUG. Verify the bridgegate\bin\bg_service.conf contains the following -D options

Or on Linux make sure the /bridgegate/bin/runbridgegate has the following JAVA Opt


                                <category name="com.hazelcast">
                                   <priority value="OFF"/>
                                   <appender-ref ref="HAZELCAST" />


How do I resolve the error Partnership not found on my BridgeGate AS2 Server

When I created a my Predefined Connection for my AS2 Server I get the following exception when I send a AS2 Message to the server.

02/06/17 13:53:11 DBPartnershipFactory: Partnership COMPARE searchValue[MYEDI] against partnerValue[MYEDIAS2] (case-insensitive))
com.oidev.as2.partner.PartnershipNotFoundException: Partnership not found: Partnership null Sender IDs = {as2_id=MYEDI} Receiver IDs = {as2_id=MYEDIAS2} Attributes = {}
                at com.oidev.as2.partner.BasePartnershipFactory.getPartnership(
                at com.oidev.as2.partner.BasePartnershipFactory.updatePartnership(


When configuring the AS2 Server make sure that if you are changing the name of the AS2 Identifier from the default it is also updated in the bridgegate.xml.   Note the AS2 Server has a single AS2 Identifier per server.  So naming it correctly the first time is important. You need to updated the bridgegate.xml  AS2_SERVER section to match (See below)       The default is “BridgeGateAS2”   Whatever you put in the bridgegate.xml must match the PDC created for the AS2 server.  More information can be found in the AS2 Installation